• Structured Organization
  • Inhouse 3D visualization division.
  • Exclusive onsite and offsite execution team
  • Organised workforce from enquiry generation to work completion
  • Top management is highly experienced in technical and administration areas
  • T2T complements our other successful business verticals
  • Virtually any Product customization is achievable.
  • Separate factory setup to support T2T’s fabrication needs

Our full-fledged facility enables to reduce the onsite work by upto 90% & the remaining 10% of work would only be assembling of the finished products on site.

 of architects, by architects and for architects 

T2T also derives its competence in  its resources and infrastructure. Our qualified project architects help us analyze designs and drawings. Draughtsmen work on detailing while the 3D team create stunning visualization for the clients. A set of stringent protocols and procedures enable even the largest of projects to be broken down into small achievable tasks down till our site co-ordinators and sub contractors. The advantage of having qualified professionals is they save time that is usually lost in understanding designs and communicating them to their downlines.

The limitation of designs are caused due to lack of quality in execution and talented contractor. But now with T2T, the clients, builders, architects would be able to develop projects that are better in style and quality.